• Nigeria - Asia week & Trade Expo
    Business, Investment, Trade And Economic Exchange -5th Edition

    Nigeria Trade Delegation
    24th - 29th February, 2020, Grand Hilton Hotel,
    Seoul. Korea.

    17th - 28th March 2020, China 23rd - 30th May 2020, Japan
    25th - 30th July 2020, Vietnam 25th - 30th August 2020, Taiwan
    2nd - 7th October 2020, Australia 5th - 12th December 2020, Turkey

  • Nigeria Asia Week & Trade Expo
    Economic, Business &
    Investment Exchange

    International Business, Trade &
    Investment Summit

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    Asia Edition - Expand Your World!!!

About Nigeria Asia Week & Trade Expo

Nigeria Asia Week & Trade Expo is an annual bilateral innovative, business and economic platform to enhance joint trade, investment and economic opportunities among nations involved.
Its about business Investment, Trade and Economic Exchange, to strengthen bilateral relationship promoting joint trade and business, enhancing stronger international bilateral relationship.
Nigeria Asia Week & Trade Expo (the Business Investment, Trade and Economic Exchange) will be held in countries selected.
The primary objective of the Trade Expo is to create a conducive atmosphere for the pursuit of commerce, industry and all other forms of economic activities of interest to the private sector. In pursuit of this objective, the program undertakes a wide range of activities which include the following:
  • Promotion, protection and development of all matters affecting business.
  • Contribution of ideas for the overall economic stability of the nation.
  • Encouragement and Promotion of the Internationa/Nation’s Private Sector.
  • Provision of a network for National and International Business Contact and Opportunities.

Our Vission is "To be revered as the foundation of Business that supports the growth and development of Public/Private Enterprise and Initiative" Thats our goal.
Our Mission is As 'the Pathway of the Nigerian-Asian Business', ensuring enabling business environment through policy advocacy, and promoting growth and competitiveness of business through proper and prompt information dissemination, using modern technology comparable to the best universal standard of Commerce and Industry anywhere in the world.
This project is produced by World Trade Summit and Expo Organisation, World Trade Mission, Globe Economic Council, Transnational Centre for Trade & Commerce Abuja and Globe Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Things you should know about NIGERIA - Asia Business WEEK & EXPO

Program Structure

The Business Mission comprised 70 Programs over 2 weeks in Seven (7) Asia Countries, Selected Locations, Sectoral Programs, featured: Business Meetings, seminars, roundtable, Business Dinner, Global Trade Talk, Conferences, Infra structural and Industrial site seeing, site visits, showcase & Expo and Opportunities for Networking, Trade with Nigeria/African Business Leaders, Captain of Industry and Top Government.

Trade Events

The Nigeria - Asia Economic and Trade partnership on Business and Trade Opportunities.

Interest Expression

Nigeria Business Leaders are invited to express an interest in joining Future Business delegations (Trade Mission), which often accompanying Top Business Leaders/ Owners/state, Federal Government Ministries and agencies on overseas trade visits, participating in www.worldtradexpo.org,


Nigeria - Asia Week and Trade Expo, World Trade Summit and Expo, Organised Business Mission can open up unique opportunities in New Markets and Trade can help facilitate connections with key stakeholders, networking with peers and access to potentials Business Partners, Investors and great opportunities. Ease of doing Global Business and Trade in Nigeria/Africa, Remain Strong.


A Business delegation mission of 250 top/senior Nigeria Business Leaders, Representative and government officials participating in 7 targeted sectoral Programs and project. 1. Education 2. Smart infrastructure development/Innovation 3. Life science and digital health 4. Agribusiness - food value chains 5. Mining equipment technology and services (METS) 6 industralization 7. Energy

Training Events

We also organize International Training Program to encourage indigenous contents, by Training, Educating and Empowering, indigenous start-ups and our next generation professionals on advanced technologies and innovations in World class Institutions for a better future

MAJOR HIGHLIGHTS OF Nigeria Asia Week & Trade Expo /Korea/China/Japan, Business, Investment, Trade and Economic Exchange

Day 1 Highlights
  • Investors/Delegation meet and greet
  • Nigeria - Asia Power and Renewable Energy Exhibition
  • Nigeria - Asia Joint Commerce and Business Roundtable
  • Mining Business Investment in Nigeria by Asia Investment companies
  • Public Private Partnership (PPPA) Initiative, Building Economy for Mutual Benefit to all the countries involved
  • Nigeria Asia Investment opportunities as investment destination
  • Nigeria - Asia Business Forum
  • Talking Business Opportunities
  • Display of non functioning industries in Nigeria for Investors takeover
  • Investors Forum
  • Exhibition of goods and services from Asia and Nigeria
Day 2 Highlights
  • Trade Talk & Exchange
  • Let’s talk Home and let’s invest Home project
  • Speech Presentation – topic making Nigeria the best destination for investment, talking Business for mutual benefit
  • Meeting of business executives, Top Business leaders
  • Factories/Industrial sites city tour and infrastructure sight seeing for all countries involved
Day 3 Highlights
  • Investment Co-operation Meeting
  • Opening speech by Nigerian ambassador
  • Fashion & Fabrics Exhibition – showcasing made in Nigeria and Asia Fashion for friendship
  • Meeting with entrepreneurs and business men in diaspora
  • Nigeria Asia Entertainment & Tourisim Opportunity
  • After party/Dinner with Business Executives
Day 4 Highlights
  • Business Investment Forum
  • Nigeria-Asia Trade Business & Investment Exhibition /Trade Talk
  • Asia Auto parts and Auto-related Industries
  • Interactive Season
  • Joint business co-operation in agriculture, education, auto, mining, oil and gass, infratructural development, manpower training and machines/equipment sales and services
  • Nigeria-Asia Global business/trade deals


Express your Interest in joining our business mission (trade delegation), Nigeria Business Leaders are invited to express an interest in joining future business delegation.
Note, your expression of interest does not guarantee participation only selected participants are to expected join and also meet thier own cost.
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